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We have designed Purchasing Auctions to be as simple, honest and transparent as possible in a very over-complicated marketplace and our new system allows us to offer this technology to third parties, independent consultants and prospective partners.

The Purchasing Auctions reverse auction tool is completely independent of other business management systems - it is genuinely standalone! The simplicity of use makes the site suitable for one-off ventures into online auction procurement, or everyday use - whichever your business need dictates. It is therefore suitable and highly recommended for occasional or frequent use at third-party level where consultants may in turn offer their clients a reverse auction procurement system.

Purchasing Auctions can provide your consultancy with an independent purchasing tool to add to your existing repertoire of cost reduction techniques. We can also include your own branding on a partnered system!

We use the reverse auction tool as part of our own consultancy where it has been tested, proven and improved upon time and time again over the past 4 years. Its evident simplicity gives maximum flexibility in use, but don't be fooled - the sophistication behind the scenes delivers the necessary functionality for first time success. Furthermore, we have built in systems to promote fairness, transparency and objectivity whilst maintaining total control during the auction event.

If you would like a simple, reliable, cost-effective and secure reverse auction tool that can be branded, then here is an opportunity to be grabbed with both hands. We promise a full demonstration of our product and we will tailor the right package to produce the most cost-effective package available on the market.

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